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A) Overview

Write a clear introduction/abstract that introduces the group and explains the main topic (flattener from The World is Flat). Include hyperlinks to sources of information. Link to other projects within this wiki as you talk about a topic covered by them. You should also include at least one graphic that is license appropriate to this project. This intro can be UP TO 500 words and all participants must contribute. Describe and explain the IT background (concepts, plus developments and trends) relevant to the topic and provide excellent, easy-to-understand examples to support this.

With the introduction of the Apple iPad in 2010, tablet computing has become a mainstream technology, influencing multiple industries including education, desktop and laptop computing, entertainment, and countless others.

B) Current News

Add relevant information about current news items to do with your topic. Hyperlink to discussions. Don't forget to add citations.

Areas of Impact

Choose TWO of the following (from C, D, E and F). Delete the other two.

C) Education

Analyze this topic's impact on education. Consider including three subcategories: 1) Elementary School, 2) Middle/ High School, and 3) College Education. Include a brief up to 300 word summary/ abstract on this page. Include one or more relevant images.

1. Elementary School
The iPad has been the most popular asked for Christmas item for children 10 and under for the last two years (need source). With touch screens and larger displays, tablets are increasingly being used by children of all ages. The ability to download apps of their choice is contributing to the personalization of the device for educational use (examples of apps).

2. Middle/High School
The popularity of e-readers like the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook has led to e-book availability on tablets. Many schools are moving to e-textbooks and using tablets as a replacement for paper textbooks.

3. College Education

D) Government, Politics and Employment

Analyze these two areas of impact which are Government and Politics as well as Employment in the workplace. Include a brief summary/ abstract of up to 200 words on this page. Include one or more relevant images.
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E) Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

Analyze the topic's impact on the Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure. Include a brief summary on this main page of up to 200 words. Include one or more relevant images.

For the last two decades, the video game industry has been dominated by companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Each has released multiple home console systems and games that have catapulted this industry into a multi-billion dollar business that now surpasses the movie industry. Nintendo has dominated the portable gaming industry with its Gameboy and DS systems. With the introduction of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad and other tablets, Apple, Samsung, and Google have become a major players in the video game industry. The Google Play and Apple App Store have capitalized on consumer demand for inexpensive, digitally-downloaded games. Instead of going to a brick-and-mortar store and paying $60 for a game on DVD, consumers can stay at home, download a game for under $10, a begin playing in minutes.

Tablets are also affecting the movie industry. Rental DVD stores such as Blockbuster are being replaced by streaming services such as Netflix. Consumers can stream movies to their tablet devices instead of renting or purchasing DVDs. Netflix movie streaming now accounts for the single largest bandwidth load in the Internet (need source). Streaming music services such as Pandora and Spotify have changed the music industry in a similar way.

F) Science, Environment, and Health

Analyze the impact of this topic on Science and the Environment and Impact on Health. Include a brief summary on this main page of up to 200 words. Include one or more relevant images.
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Video Artifacts

Each student is to prepare a digital story/video artifact based on this flattening trend and video category as shown here. All videos are to be embedded on the accompanying wiki page for this project.

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Final videos for this topic and these categories:

Group A - Innovation, Invention (Design)

These videos include an innovation, invention, new design, or prediction based upon the trend that is shown.

Group B - Social Entrepreneurship

These videos are about how the trend you analyzed can be used to spark change in an area of social interest that your group agrees upon.

Related Information

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