Module 3: Citizenship

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Essential Questions from the End of the Chapter

SELF: Defining Digital Citizenship

  • How do the awareness's impact digital citizenship decisions?
  • review each area of awareness as it relates to a case study taken from current events relating to digital citizenship.

SCHOOL: Digital Citizenship in Schools and Organizations

  • What are some common digital citizenship issues in collaborative projects?
  • How should teachers handle problems when they happen?

STUDENTS: Digital Citizenship in Practice: Students, Monitoring, and the Teachable Moment

  • As you review the case studies shared in this chapter, are there any common issues you see?

Links from the Meeting

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Challenge #6 is about CMPs. Here is a wonderful post by Brian Mannix about CMPs ->
A text-based explanation of CMPs and the magic that makes them work, RSS (stands for ReallySeriousStressrelief) ->
A page on our helps wiki regarding RSS ->
A video about Netvibes (a CMP tool) ->
And finally a video about RSS and Netvibes by Kim Caise ->