​Module 8: Advanced Global Project Design and Management Essentials Part 1

Project Design Essentials: (see pg 257)

  • Flat Classroom Framework
  • Curriculum, Planning, Standards alignment, Inputs and Outcomes
  • Seven Steps Design Principles and Teaching Strategies

Check Reading Assignments for Module 8
Review Flat Classroom 15 and continue #13
This week's discussion on the Ning

Project Planning Tool Resources

THE PROBLEM: What is a challenging topic that can support a global collaboration? How can we join multicultural classrooms and effectively design a meaningful project?
Getting started:
  1. Brainstorm ideas for a classroom collaboration. Use the template given as a starting point.
  2. Bring these ideas together using multimedia (images, sounds and videos) in conjunction with a verbal presentation or pitch.
  3. Pitch your ideas to other colleagues for feedback. One person from each team to deliver the 'elevator pitch'.
  4. Refine your ideas and add further multimedia to create a final team presentation: Maximum length 5 min.

Go to: Master Global Project Design Ideas Wiki