Module 4: Contribution & Collaboration

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Review Flat Classroom 15 and complete #8 and #9
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Essential Questions from the End of the Chapter

SELF: Contribute and Collaborate - Putting YOU in the Picture

  • What are some things an effective twenty first century teacher will need to get a project started effectively?
  • What are some creative ways that the global community could be involved in a student project?


  • How can students be used to help manage a project? (student sourcing)
  • Why would this be beneficial for the students? For the teachers?

STUDENTS: Digital Citizenship in Practice: Students, Monitoring, and the Teachable Moment

  • How can different types of students be encouraged to participate in collaboration?
  • What are some ways that students can contribute to a project? How can they be assessed?
  • How important is it to link authentic assessment models with collaborative projects?