Flat Classroom® Certified Teacher

FCCT 13-2: Starting August 2013
Information Document: http://tinyurl.com/flatclassteachercert

Course Leader: Julie Lindsay

The first online teacher meeting for this cohort will take place the week of August 19, 2013. Once your enrollment has been confirmed you will receive further information about the online meeting room and other spaces we will use to connect and communicate.

Course Structure and Timeline
Flat Classroom® Certified Teacher 13-2, the following timeline is applicable (2013):
  1. Application Deadline: August 14
  2. There are FOURTEEN Weeks to this course, August 19 - November 22
  3. There are TWELVE online meetings (usually one hour)
  4. There are TEN Modules to complete
  5. There are FIFTEEN Flat Classroom® Challenges to complete
  6. There is ONE F.L.A.T (Future Learning Action Talk) presentation (final meeting)
  7. Each module has Flat Classroom® Challenges and Personal Journal or Teamwork to complete
  8. There will be an online meeting for each module held in the online meeting room
  9. Participants will get time beyond the 14 weeks to complete all process journal and unit work. All assignments to be completed before the Flat Classroom® Certified Teacher Certificate is issued.
  10. Graduation: December 2013

The table below provides a brief outline of tasks and expectations, with hyperlinks to module pages. Use this in conjunction with Reading Assignments to frame your work and involvement in this course.

Update re Course Completion Requirements:
Screenshot 2013-10-12 16.57.15.png






Part 1: Getting Started with Flat Classroom Pedagogy

Completion Requirements

1. Personal Journal Work
2. Online interaction via the Flat Classrooms Ning
3. Projects:
  • Quad-networking: Build PLN, share and reflect, comment on each other’s blog; make connections
  • Flat Classroom Project for Teachers: study of current technology trends impacting education. Output: wiki and video project from each teacher with outsourced clip

Week starting August 19
Meet the Flat Classroom - Kickoff meeting!
Meeting #1

Week starting August 26
Module 1: Connection
Meeting #2
  • See Reading Assignments (try to read 1 week ahead, e.g. this week you should also read Communication, Ch. 4)
  • Personal Journal - you do not need to write a lot! But try to add something each week to document your journey through this course. You can also cross-post with the Ning blog and your own blog
  • Quad-Blogging assignment #1
  • FC15 #1
  • FC15 #2
  • FC15 #3
Week starting September 2
Module 2: Communication
Meeting #3
  • FC15 #4
  • FC15 #5
Week starting September 9
Module 3: Citizenship
Meeting #4
  • FC15 #6
  • FC15 #7
Week starting September 16
Module 4: Contribution and Collaboration
Meeting #5
  • FC15 #8
  • FC15 #9
Week starting September 23
Module 5: Choices and Creation
Meeting #6
  • FC15 #10
  • FC15 #11
Meeting Free Week - A chance to catch up!

Week starting October 7
Module 6: Celebration
Meeting #7
  • FC15 #12
Week starting October 14
Part 1 Sharing and Reflection
Merged with next meeting

Part 2: ‘Rock the World’ Global Project Design and Management

Completion Requirements

1. Personal Journal
2. Online interaction via the Flat Classrooms Ning
3. Projects:
  • Design and implement a creative Celebration Design Task
  • Design and pitch a collaborative project
4. Final Presentation:
  • Based on feedback from pitch, implement and/or present a final collaborative project
  • Update all online spaces to record work during this course

Week starting October 21
Module 7: Global Project Design Essentials
Meeting #8
  • FC15 #13
Week starting October 28
No Meeting!
Time to catch up on reading and assignments

Week starting November 4
Module 8: Advanced Global Project Design and Management Essentials Pt 1
Meeting #9
  • FC15 #13 con.
Week starting November 11
Module 9: Advanced Global Project Design and Management Essentials Pt 2
Meeting #10
  • Refer back to Module 8 for resources and links
  • Complete Celebration Design Task and post to wiki
  • Plan global project and be ready to pitch at the Module 10 meeting (optional)
  • FC15 #14
Week starting November 18
Module 10: Putting it all Together
Meeting #11
  • FC15 #15
November -December
Final F.L.A.T.s and Course Completion
Final Presentation
  • Present your global project: See notes Preparing for F.L.A.T.s
  • Complete Flat Classroom 15 Challenges
  • Finish personal journal work
  • Finish other assignments
  • Email Julie to say you are all done!
  • FC15 #15 con.