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This wiki serves as an index page for all FCCT cohorts and designs for global projects.


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FCCT Cohort 13-2

Watch this SCREENCAST on how to start your personal Global Project Design wiki page

Please add your name and a link to your Global Project Design wiki page under the week you wish to present.

Week starting December 2

Session 1: Friday December 6, 22:00 GMT - See Time Announcer
Avylon Magarey - Agents of Change
Maureen Tumenas Scratch-Coding Connections

Week starting December 9

Session 1: Monday December 9, 10am Sydney, 12 midday New Zealand (Dec 8 23:00 GMT) - See Time announcer
Cameron Paterson - What I Saw in the War
Penny O'Brien - Building communities
Chuck Pawlik - The Open Art Class

Session 2: Thursday December 12, 12 midday GMT - See Time announcer
Jennifer Simon - FCP Tech Toolkit (Techy Teachers)
Tina Schmidt - Edmodo Pen Pal Project
Dorothy - Global Wonderings

FCCT Cohort 13-1

Week starting May 6:

Week starting May 13:

Week starting May 20:

Global Project wikis:

FCCT Cohort 12-2

#1: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
  • Emily McCarren Global Table/ Mesa Global

#2: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mark Ginder - Creativity and Innovation

FCCT Cohort 12-1

Project Presentations
#1: Thursday December 6, 2012
#2: December 11/12, 2012

#3: December 18

FCCT Cohort 11-3

Project presentations March 8, 2012
Project presentations March 21, 2012

FCCT Cohort 11-2

Project presentations January 10, 2012:

FCCT Cohort 11-1:

Project Presentations:
- June 16: Sheri, Amy, Sue, Aaron, Cathy, Toni, Donna, Nancy, Craig
- August 9: Kenneth, Barbara, Betsye, Sara, Wendy