Module 10: Putting it all Together

It's time to put it all together! This module asks you to take a broad view of everything talked about and explored and refine your ideas for a global collaborative project.

Global Project Pitch Session

DURING the Module 10 meeting you will have a chance to 'pitch' your Global Project Designs and ideas and plans and receive feedback from others to help you prepare for your F.L.A.T.s presentation. This is not mandatory but encouraged.

The Challenge

Prepare an outline of a global collaborative project and be ready to pitch this to the group.
  1. Brainstorm ideas for a classroom collaboration on the wiki page. Use the Global Project Design Template . Full instructions on Module 8.
  2. Bring these ideas together using simple words, text or other basic multimedia (images, sounds and videos) in conjunction with a verbal presentation or pitch.
  3. Pitch your ideas to other colleagues for feedback.

THE PROBLEM: What is a challenging topic that can support a global collaboration? How can we join multicultural classrooms and effectively design a meaningful project?

Prepare for the final celebration! Future Learning Action Talks, F.L.A.T.s

  1. Prepare a presentation to deliver at a F.L.A.T.s: about 5-10 min. in length
  2. Bring these ideas together using multimedia (images, sounds and videos) in conjunction with a verbal presentation (based on feedback during this module, and feedback on your wiki page for your project design)
  3. Be prepared to answer questions and respond to feedback from other participants.

Those completing the course for UNI Credit

Figure Your Flat Classroom® 15 "Score"

You receive 5 points for each challenge completed. You also receive 5 points for each bonus challenge! Put your Flat Classroom® 15 score inside the table on the Personal journals page. Keep it updated as a running measure of where you are in this process!

Update Your Journal

Reflect in your journal and include links to each of the challenges done this week.