Module 1: Connection

Getting started:

  1. Join and the FCC Teacher Group 11-2
  2. Join this wiki (you will need to join first) and start your Personal Journal by clicking on your name and editing the page with the Personal Journal template option
  3. Join Flat Classroom® Projects Help wiki
Join the FCP Certified teacher Google group

Reading in book:

  • Introduction to Flat Classroom®
  • Step 1, Chapter 3: Connection

Checklist for Module 1:

empty_check_box.gifRead Step 1 Connection
empty_check_box.gifSelf-Assess. Use the survey in the chapter to assess yourself.

empty_check_box.gifAttend and Engage. Online meeting #1 either online or by listening to the meeting and responding through the Google group to what you've learned.

empty_check_box.gifAct.Flat Classroom 15 Challenge #1: Set Up Your RSS Reader

empty_check_box.gifAct. *Flat Classroom 15 Challenge # 2 Set Up Your Blog

empty_check_box.gifReflect. Record your research and ideas in your Personal Journal

empty_check_box.gifReview the essential questions and prepare to answer/share one for the next meeting. (If you cannot attend, please share it by emailing the Google group.)

Essential Questions from the End of the Chapter

We will begin the next session with these questions. Prepare to share at least one either through the Google group or through the online meeting.
Find the joy of learning something new! Creative commons -
Find the joy of learning something new! Creative commons -

Step 1A: Connect Yourself: Build a Learning Pathway

  • Describe your learning pathway for this course of study?
  • What are pull technologies? What is one you plan to try?

Step 1B: Connection to Your Organization – Gain Support and Empowerment

  • Can you review a project using the Connection Planning Tool and the mandatory and optional outcomes framework and be able to share?

Step 1C: Connect Your Students: Taxonomies of Global Connection

  • Can teacherpreneurs and standards coexist? How?
  • Can you review the project you used for the question in 1B above and share which level of global collaboration it is reaching?

Links from the Meeting


Kenneth Jones:
Moderator (Toni Olivieri-Barton): Here is the youtube video about "Where great ideas come from"
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