Reading Assignments

A variety of resources will be shared and explored during this course. Many of them are online and freely available. Participants are encouraged to share resources at regular meetings and to share their journey via blog posts and discussions during the course.

The bulk of the reading is from 'Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time' by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis. The Flat Classroom book website provides links to Amazon and others where the book can be purchased. It is also available as a Kindle eBook. The website also provides many other resources and links for each chapter.

Purchase of the hard copy book also provides access to the online PD Toolkit for 6 months which has an excellent interactive glossary as well as many other tools and resources. Many of these will be shared with you during the course as well. For those who purchase the Kindle edition access to the PD Toolkit can be provided for the course.

What items do I need to read by when?

(Under construction for the FCCT13-2 course - August 2013)


Flat Classroom Book Chapter and Other Resources

Flat Classroom 15 Challenges
Module # and Notes - See Workflow for Dates
Part 1: Getting Started with Flat Classroom Pedagogy

Meet the Flat Classroom®

Module 1 - Preliminary Reading

Step 1 Connection

#1: Set up your RSS Reader
#2: Set up your Blog
#3: Connect and Reflect
Module 1 -Required Reading

Step 2 Communication

#4: Communicate with New Tools
#5: Go Mobile!
Module 2 Required Reading

Step 3 Citizenship

#6: Create a Classroom Monitoring Portal
#7: Empower Digital Citizenship Action
Module 3
Required Reading

Step 4 Contribution and Collaboration

  • FC Book: Chapter 6: pp. 126-157
#8: Collaborate and Communicate
#9: Peer review Classroom - Assess!
Module 4 Required Reading

Step 5: Choice

  • FC Book Chapter 7: pp 158-196
#10: Give Students a Choice
Module 5 Required reading

Step 6 Creation

  • FC Book Chapter 8: pp. 197-214
#11: Align Projects to Standards
Module 5 Required Reading

Step 7 Celebration

  • FC Book Chapter 9: pp. 215-234
#12: Celebration and Summation
Module 6 Required reading

Designing a Global collaborative Project

  • FC Book Chapter 10: pp. 235-268
#13: Project Design - making a start

#13: Project Design continued
Module 7 and Module 8

Putting it All Together

  • FC Book Chapter 11: pp 268-292
  • FC Book Chapter 12: pp. 293-303
#14: Pitching your Global Project design
#15: Flat Classroom Project Re-design
#Final FCP Certified Teacher
Module 9