Module 6: Celebration

Check Reading Assignments for Module 6
Review Flat Classroom 15 and complete #12
This week's discussion on the Ning


Review the NetGenEd 2011 Student Summit

The International School of the Americas, San Antonio, Texas, May 23, 2011

Teacher: Honor Moorman

Elluminate Recording

Pleasant Plains High School, Illinois. May 16, 2011

Teacher: John Langley

Elluminate Recording

Figure Your Flat Classroom® 15 "Score"

You receive 5 points for each challenge completed. You also receive 5 points for each bonus challenge! Put your Flat Classroom® 15 score beside your name on the Personal journals page. Keep it updated as a running measure of where you are in this process!

Update Your Journal

Reflect in your journal and include links to the challenge done this week.