Celebration Design Task

This is a simple task to get you started with Part 2: Global Project Design

As you know from Module 6: Celebration, it is important to conclude a global project with a celebration activity or two. These activities can be designed to join classrooms together, and/or to provide opportunities for reflection and applause for the work co-created.

Your task, INDIVIDUALLY, is to design a 'Celebration'!

Here are the suggested steps to help you do this:
  • Decide who the stakeholders are in this celebration (it may be for students, it may be a final teachers meeting - or both, or other)
  • Create an interesting live or asynchronous activity....consider:
    • What the participants will create in preparation for this celebration
    • How that creation will be shared with others
    • What outcomes you want e.g.
      • A plan for an action project between schools/teachers?
      • Feedback to improve the project next time?
      • A fun way for sharing learning?
  • Write up your plan in a way that anyone could easily understand it
    • bullet points
    • images
    • flowchart
    • other?
  • Share with everyone via a blog post on the Ning